77 Days to GodChicks 2014!!!


  77 days until we gather!!! I am so excited for our upcoming GodChicks Conference, June 20-21, 2014 with Christine Caine, Marcos Witt and Sarah Bessey. Please RSVP today at GodChicksConference.com, because it won't be the same without you! If you have never been to a GodChicks … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts on Heaven… A Tribute To My Dad

I had the privilege of holding my dad’s hand as he left life on this earth and began life in Heaven. My mom was in the bed holding him and my sister and I held his hands and sang to him as he breathed his last. (My voice is not that great, and so I am sure he was grateful for the sound of Heaven!) … [Continue reading...]

GodChicks Sunday School


It has been 8 months since we moved into our new Oasis Church home… and it has been a journey! Not just the last 8 months, the past 3 decades…   In April, we will celebrate 30 years as a church, and this summer marks the 10th Anniversary of the GodChicks Conference.  There is this unique … [Continue reading...]

To My Friend Leanne Matthesius…


Leanne,   Leanne I love your heart for women and your passion to see women live out their purpose here on this earth. You are generous, wise and just lovely to be around! Leanne your love for God and the church is contagious. You are an inspiration!   God I pray for Leanne. We … [Continue reading...]

To My Friend Katie Brinkman…


Katie,   You are a strong leader, teacher and faithful woman of God. Thank you for continually reaching out to the women in your world. You are a treasure! Your serving and giving will bless generations to come.   God I pray for Katie. I ask you to bless her marriage, her family and her [continue reading]

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To My Friend Tara Nelson…


Tara,   Your overwhelming love for people is magnetic! You are kind, generous and a blessing to the women in your world. Tara we love your passion for people, children and your complete sincerity in your pursuit of God’s plan for your life. The work of your hands will bless countless generations to come.   God [continue reading]

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To My Friend Anne Martin…


  Anne,   You have an amazing heart for women and the hurting. I am grateful for your example of faithfulness to God, the church and your family. You are a Proverbs 31 chick!   God I pray for Anne, and ask you to bless her marriage, family and ministry. I pray that the Martins [continue reading]

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To My Friend Desiree Ayres…


Desiree,   You are a legend woman! You have faithfully served your church and community for over 20 years. You have dedicated your life to serving our city and transforming the entertainment industry. You are creative, fun to be around and can light up a room. I am so grateful for your friendship!!!   God [continue reading]

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